Vineeta Bhandari

Founder, CEO & CMO

Vineeta Bhandari is the esteemed founder and CEO & CMO of Building Kidz Worldwide, where she upholds a collaborative culture among franchisees, staff, and schools.

At the franchise level, Vineeta diligently exemplifies the organization’s vision and serves as the brand’s public face, ensuring franchisees feel connected to something truly exceptional. With a diverse range of responsibilities, she oversees crucial tasks such as awarding franchises, strategically ensuring the success and growth of franchisees through effective marketing, curriculum enhancements, ongoing training, and the effective integration of performing arts. Furthermore, she remains actively engaged in corporate social responsibility by focusing on educating and supporting underprivileged communities. However, one of her primary roles as CEO is to drive the company’s growth through persistent communication and ongoing market research. She stays attuned to the needs of children and parents and sets strategic goals to maintain Building Kidz’s competitive edge and drive franchisees success by ensuring the effective deployment of key differentiators, such as Performing Arts, Learning Through Life Experiences and Building Futures.

Vineeta’s dedication to Early Childhood Education dates back to 2002. Prior to starting Building Kidz, she gained invaluable experience working at reputable companies such as Murdock and Associates, Sun Micro Systems, Lam Research, and Levis Strauss, spanning the high-tech and low-tech sectors.

Vineeta’s educational background includes an MBA in Marketing, a BA in Finance, and a Graduate Certification in Early Childhood Education.

Sangeet Karamchandani

Partner, Chief of Operations and Technology

Sangeet Karamchandani is a Managing Partner and the Chief Operating Officer for Building Kidz Worldwide.

Sangeet has a passion to grow the Building Kidz early childhood education model and scale it to all children across the globe. He oversees all aspects of real estate and technology direction for the company in addition to onboarding of new franchisees, ensuring a smooth transition process from the early stages of acquisition or startup to opening, and successfully operating a compliant Building Kidz School campus.

Sangeet is also responsible for creating operational procedures and structure, and supporting the day to day delivery of the company’s products and services while ensuring cross functional alignment with Business Development.

Prior to Building Kidz Worldwide, Sangeet spent over a decade in semiconductor operations management and has a proven track record of leading projects and engineering teams to success with various Silicon Valley technology companies.

Sangeet holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Management and Leadership.

Sangeet is a proud dad of a daughter who keeps him wrapped around his finger. He enjoys spending time with his family and playing golf in his free time.

Sanjay Gehani

Partner, CRO & CFO

Sanjay Gehani is a Managing Partner, CRO, and CFO for Building Kidz Worldwide.

Sanjay oversees and actively engages in the mutual evaluation process leading to awarding a franchise, delivering the company’s financials,  franchisee revenue & profitability, and releasing the annual Franchise Disclosure Documents.

As the leader of the franchise development team, Sanjay is responsible for identifying and awarding franchises. As the leader of the accounting and finance team, one of his responsibilities is to ensure franchisees receive consistent nurturing and support on managerial accounting practices which keep franchisees on a profitable path throughout their development cycle.

Additionally, Sanjay is the representative from Building Kidz working with elected officials from local Councilmembers to Members of Congress on early childhood education policies.

From the inception of Building Kidz Worldwide to September of 2022, Sanjay was also the CMO of Building Kidz Worldwide.

Until November 2014, Sanjay spent 15 years in a broad range of management positions at Xilinx, Inc., covering Business Operations, Business Development, Marketing, Sales, and Engineering.  In his most recent position prior to starting Building Kidz Worldwide with Vineeta and Sangeet, he was responsible for regional partnerships in Western Europe and India and global partnerships across eight market segments influencing $700M in life-time revenue for the company .

In 2018, Sanjay ran for City Council in Foster City and won a landslide victory with the most votes ever received by a candidate until that time. While on the City Council, Sanjay quickly elevated his position to Vice-Mayor and then became the first Mayor of Indian descent in the history of Foster City in 2021. As Mayor during the height of COVID pandemic, Sanjay worked closely with his colleagues on Council, Regional and State elected officials, and City Staff to ensure the continued delivery of exceptional services to Foster City residents while increasing reserves.  Sanjay’s knowledge of how local municipalities work has benefited franchisees in evaluating new campus locations and the process franchisees go through in establishing valuable relationships with local officials.

Born in Chile and raised in California, Sanjay holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from UC Davis and an MBA in Marketing and Leading Organizations from the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University. He speaks 4 languages and loves to spend time with his family while coaching his son’s baseball and basketball teams.