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After the First Week

New Daycare in Chandler: After the First Week

 What a Week!

Well, Building Kidz in Chandler, Arizona just finished our first week of being open. And it has been unforgettable. In just five days, we have gotten to know so many great kids, family, and staff. We have learned that owning and running a preschool and daycare center is truly our calling in life. Being able to bring smiles to children’s faces and joy into their lives-there truly is nothing better.

The first day taught us a lot about owning a preschool in a fun way. The kiddos were playing with slime. One little girl got a giant handful of it and slapped into right into her hair. Meaghan was appalled! Our first day as owners, and we thought a little girl was going to need a drastic haircut. Meaghan spent over and hour carefully and meticulously pulling pieces of slime out of her hair, but to no avail. Then her mom came to pick her up, and graciously told us that it was “no big deal.” When they came back the next day, her hair was slime free. No haircut needed! What we learned from this is simple: when owning and running a preschool, things like this will happen. But if we do our best to love and care for each child to the best of our abilities, it will work out in the child’s best interest. And we promise to do just that.

planned. The school will now be known as “Building Kidz,” and we are bringing in a new curriculum. The new curriculum combines performing arts with academics to help children truly grasp and understand the concepts that are being taught. All children at our center are going to have music, dance, and theater classes every week. And this is all at no extra cost to our fantastic parents. As former teachers, we are confident that this curriculum will benefit all children who come through our doors.

It has been a fantastic first week-here’s hoping for many more!