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Be a Building Kidz Franchisee

Be a Building Kidz Franchisee

Why an early childhood education franchise?

The Early Childhood Education industry is growing. From 2012-2017, the industry as a whole grew 2.9% annually. The franchise section of the industry, however, had an annual growth of 5.1% in the same amount of time (2011-2016). This growth is due to the fact that the demand for high-quality preschools is increasing. Unemployment rates are dropping, and more parents are returning to work. As they do so, these parents want be sure their child’s needs are taken care of, and not just their physical needs. Parents are increasingly aware of the importance of a quality education for the young ones. Thus, parents put more emphasis on finding a preschool that will meet the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual needs of their children. And this is exactly what Building Kidz does.

Be a Building Kidz Franchisee

Why Building Kidz?

We have a proven, proprietary curriculum that integrates the performing arts for whole child development and academic excellence. Children sing and dance while they learn literacy, mathematics, and other subjects. Our children also receive a music, dance, theater, and foreign language class weekly. Our 3 to 6-year-old children participate in one recital and one broadway-style performance each year. These programs help instill confidence and commitment in each child. Confidence in standing up and speaking in front of others, and the confidence that they can accomplish big tasks. Our children gain a deeper understanding of commitment by learning a piece or script, and diligently rehearsing it until performance day arrives. This commitment and confidence, gained at an early age, will help them be more successful students and citizens as they grow. It is this model and curriculum that has helped us grow the way we have.

In fact, last year alone, we had a 100% increase in units. Due to this growth, Franchise Direct has recognized Building Kidz in an article detailing the Top 100 franchises in the country. While we are not a Top 100 franchise (yet), we are in the top 20% of emerging franchisors in the country. The article even includes a short interview with our Director of Franchise Development, Michael A. Peterson. In that interview, he states another reason why Building Kidz is experiencing such growth. He says:

Everything Building Kidz does is focused on one thing: to touch the lives of 1 million children in our founder’s lifetime without compromising the quality of care for even one child. We do this using our own schools, our franchised campuses, as well as dedicating 25% of the franchisor’s profits to underprivileged children.”

The founder’s of Building Kidz hold this mission close to their hearts. It is not something they want to do, it is something they will do. With that determination, any new franchisee can expect a franchisor that will provide full support in all aspects of starting a new business. A recently signed franchisee says, “Before we even signed, Building Kidz was providing strong support and concrete answers for all of our questions. Since signing, they have been there every step of the way. They are professional, helpful, and completely committed to their mission, which has now become our mission.”

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