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Franchise Evaluation and Social Distancing

Franchise Evaluation and Social Distancing

In so many way, the world seems simultaneously extremely effected and not really effected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Preschool franchising is no different; it seems our mutual evaluation process is in some ways untouched, and in some ways the pandemic has changed everything.

Weighing the Responsibilities

We hold our responsibilities sacred; responsibilities to the children in our schools and the parents who entrust them with us, the teachers who come to work every day counting on us to provide a quality curriculum and a rich, stimulating environment that allows them to engage children in early learning, and to our franchisees who trust us to protect the brand that they have brought into their community. None of that has changed.

However, as the country is re-opening, we have to balance the vetting of potential franchisees with the health and safety of our staff, our children, and our community.

Building Kidz has taken steps in our mutual evaluation process including spending more time with candidates on the phone during our initial Owner Interview (in which the prospect meets the founders of Building Kidz), prepared video tours of our preschools, and encouraged all interactions between franchisees and prospective candidates to take place over the phone or internet.

Building Kidz launched a distance learning platform for out parents within 2 weeks of the National Emergency declared in response to COVID. We began pivoting, looking for and implementing various continuities of services several days before the national emergency was declared. Constantly monitoring the micro and macro business landscape, and being prepared to take fast, decisive action is just one reason why franchisees join our team, but it is a reason that has been highlighted this year. Be sure to ask about our flexibility during your Validation calls!