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Franchisees are Grateful to Teach Gratitude

Franchisees are Grateful to Teach Gratitude

At Building Kidz Preschool, our curriculum is based on the “Whole child” philosophy of education. Our franchisees specialize in developing a child from a social and emotional standpoint as well as academically.

Gratitude is an extremely important social skill, and it is never too soon to begin educating a child on gratitude. UC Davis research has found that simply thinking about gratitude can lead to increased happiness and life satisfaction1.

We say “please” and “thank you” all day in our preschool classrooms and our toddlers are taught to share and be grateful for sharing. We teach parents how easily they can adopt a few habits at home to teach gratitude as well. Here is an example of 3 simple practices that our teachers teach parents to bring the Building Kidz culture home:

  1. Lead by example: Leading by example is one of the most important ways to teach in the home. Your child is looking to you to learn how to be human! When someone does you a kindness, say “thank you”, and be sincere. A door held open or a dropped set of keys picked up are just two example of behavior we all encounter that will allow you to model a gracious attitude.
  2. Be grateful to your child: When your child does something helpful, give them a sincere “Thank you”. Thank your child for being cooperative, helping out with a chore, or showing kindness. This has the added bonus of a positive reinforcement of the behavior you are thanking them for!
  3. Give Back Together: Just by being a Building Kidz parent, you are part of our Let’s Give Back Together program, in which Building Kidz Worldwide sets aside 25% of its profits to help children globally. You can take a page from our playbook and give back together with your child, as well! Get involved in community service, help an older community member, or participate in a food drive.

We hear often from our franchisees how their lives have changed since they joined the Building Kidz Preschool Franchise family. Being able to bring lessons like this into the homes of their students is just one reason why!