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Infants in Preschool

Infants in Preschool

Look, we understand. You’ve been at home with your new baby for a few months, and you’re hesitant to send them to preschool. Unfortunately, though, many reading this have to go back to work at some point. My goal here is to put your mind at ease (as much as possible), because studies have shown that infants greatly benefit from a quality preschool experience.

The Benefits of Preschool for Infants

Infants in Preschool

It is hard to send our kids to preschool, but we can “rest assured that preschool is a viable option,” even for infants ( Not only is it a “viable option,” it is an option that will prepare your child for a successful educational future. The U.S. National Institute of Health conducted a long-lasting study that shows “children who have high-quality care see academic benefits lasting into high school” ( When children start preschool at a young age, they learn early to interact with teachers and peers in a classroom setting.

As young children, even infants, spend time with those their age they begin to learn how the world works in a safe environment outside the home. In these settings, “Kids learn how to problem-solve, share and otherwise play and learn well together, while their minds are still growing and personalities still emerging” ( As their brains are in the midst of developing, preschool can help them develop in a way that prepares for a future of successful education. Each infant’s interaction with their teachers allows them to see adults other than those in their family “as mentors and authority figures able to provide positive guidance.” Even infants enrolled in a preschool begin to learn the skills of socializing and the importance of respecting teachers and other authority figures. Because of this, children who start preschool early are better equipped to be successful in Kindergarten, and all subsequent grades. 

Infants at Building Kidz Schools

Now that some of the benefits of preschool have been covered, it is important understand that not every preschool is built the same. The study done by the U.S. National Institute of Health specifically says children obtain these benefits when they are in “high-quality care.” According to Reuters, the study measures “high-quality care” by  “how much time the provider spends interacting with the children, as well as warmth, support and cognitive stimulation” ( Building Kidz exceeds all expectations in these areas.

We at Building Kidz partner with you in creating a nurturing and supportive environment to assist your child in meeting their developmental milestones. We create a hygienic and creative environment for infants to help develop their minds and bodies. It is our goal and our promise that your children will be our children; that they will be taught and supported with care and warmth.