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Music in Preschool Education Has Been Proven to Accelerate Learning

Music in Preschool Education Has Been Proven to Accelerate Learning

As children, nearly all of us learned our ABC’s through song. Some of us still need to sing the song when going through a dictionary or alphabetizing a bookshelf. It is music that taught us that simple yet necessary tool.

Music in Preschool Education Has Been Proven to Accelerate Learning

When talking about learning and growth, music does much more than might be realized. So how does music in preschool education help? It is has been shown through multiple studies that music has a positive effect on children’s mental growth, from improved test scores to increased spatial-temporal skills. These skills have been shown to improve children’s problem-solving skills, according to the Performing Arts Medicine Association. This is because the spatial-temporal skills work hand-in-hand when solving the “multistep problems” that arise in math, engineering, and architecture. (

Music has also been shown to be a great aid in language development among young children. Mary Luehrisen, executive director of the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Foundation, explains that “Growing up in a musically rich environment is often advantageous for children’s language development”. And this is for children as young as two! From toddlers to preschoolers, music will help them increase their language and communication skills. She goes on to explain that the music capacities needed to improve language development need to be routinely practiced. At Building Kidz, this is why we incorporate music into our monthly curriculum and daily schedules.

Music in the Preschool Education at Building Kidz Schools

At Building Kidz, music is a central part of what we do. Teachers will be singing in our infant room while some of the little ones coo along. Our toddlers will be dancing and singing as they sing about the color blue, or the shape of a table. The preschool classroom learns songs to help them remember what sound an “s” makes, or how to spell the word “dog.”

On top of this, every Building Kidz location has a professional music teacher come into each classroom every week which enhances the music education in the preschools. These qualified and caring teachers help children sing, introduce them to new instruments, and prepare them for one of our bi-annual performances. Learn more about  performing arts including music here. All of this is included in the base tuition our parents pay, with no additional cost.

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