About Building Kidz of Queensbury

Philosophy and Curriculum
Building Kidz philosophy and curriculum safety pillar


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Keeping our children safe is our top priority and we take it very seriously. Our schools are sanitized daily and comprehensive safety protocols have been implemented.

Building Kidz philosophy and curriculum performing-arts pillar

Performing Arts

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Our proprietary performing arts curriculum fully integrates music, dance, and theater into our age appropriate development standards through classes and Broadway style productions.

Building Kidz philosophy and curriculum ltle pillar

Learning Through Life Experiences

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Learning Through Life Experiences allows a child’s learning to become experimental, imaginative and sensory based. Our pedagogical approach is to learn through these real life experiences, such as emergency services, health and nutrition, etc. in an environment committed to reinforce children’s expertise, skills, and values. LTLE provides environments that make learning fun for children through the medium of role-play.

By blending reality with entertainment, it provides an authentic and powerful developmental platform where kids can discover, explore and learn about the real world.

Our city is a rich learning environment where kids foster their autonomy, creativity, decision-making skills, problem-solving skills and social values.

The realism of the role-play helps children learn about different careers, work and know how to manage money. Each activity experience is designed by Educationalists, Play Experts & Child Physiologists to aid and boost different behavioral skills and values in a child.

Building Kidz philosophy and curriculum nutritious-meals pillar

Nutritious Meals

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We prepare monthly meal plans and provide nutrient-dense choices daily.

Building Kidz philosophy and curriculum environment pillar


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Our children are continuously nurtured by exceptional teachers and caregivers along with age appropriate educational materials for kinesthetic, audial, visual, and touch learners.

Building Kidz philosophy and curriculum academics pillar


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Our children exceed the entry level academic expectations of elementary schools in the community so that they are well prepared for their transition into their next phase of learning.

Our School Programs
Building Kidz infant program

Infant Program

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6 weeks – 18 months

“As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.”

– Winnie the Pooh

Just as Winnie the Pooh and his friends (Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, Rabbit, Owl, Kanga and Roo and Christopher Robin) spend their days wandering through the 100 Acre Wood learning about their world and seeking adventure, our infant room helps our youngest children discover their senses, explore their surroundings, nurture their development and celebrate their milestones. From one-on-one interactions that build nurturing relationships in everyday moments, to age-appropriate books that support speech and language development, our classroom provides the ideal setting for our youngest children. Finger painting, music and play spark creativity while exposure to soft structures help with perceptual motor development. When our children leave 100 Acre Wood, they are on a path for more adventures.

Building Kidz toddler program

Toddler Program

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18-24 months

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the Autumn tree.”

-Emily Bronte

As fall trees let go and lose their leaves in order to continue to grow, our young toddlers are also beginning to explore this process of letting go and finding the sprouts of independence. Our young toddler classroom provides an ideal environment to foster individual development and self-help skills. We use a scaffolded approach to learning through systematically building on children’s experiences and knowledge as they are acquiring new skills in order to enhance learning and aid in the mastery of tasks. Their curious minds are exposed to an enriched curriculum focusing on language development by using pictures, books and basic academics in their environment. Following simple instructions is implemented through circle time, story time, art and curriculum projects. Besides the social emotional development, we focus on building fine motor skills through fun and sensory activities. The young toddlers in our Fall Room, with their newly sprouted independence, are ready to continue to explore their surroundings as they now have a greater understanding of the world around them.


24-36 months

“Here comes the sun.”

– The Beatles

Here come our toddlers! In the same way rays of sunshine endlessly brighten our days, our toddler classroom is filled with endless learning opportunities to enhance children’s cognitive and language skills with basic academics through small-group activities that encourage investigation, exploration and discovery. Our toddlers are bright and busy as they navigate new landscapes. Our scaffolding approach is a crucial component in teaching new tasks with multiple steps with teachers providing support for children. Our children who are now engaging in short sentence conversations are able to absorb information within our curriculum that is designed to support their creative expression, literacy and music by fostering their curious minds. By introducing skills that enable independence through enriching art projects, music and hands on activities, we are ensuring they are able to shine more brightly from incorporating concepts introduced previously.

Building Kidz preschool program

Preschool Program

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3 year olds

“We are all of us wanderers, chasing moonbeams, our hearts full of wonder, our souls drowsy with dreams.

-Ramblings of the Claury, Drowsy Dreams

As children move into the Moon and Stars Room, their creativity and independence continues to grow and they are fascinated by their surroundings. Our curious children are exposed to an environment which supports academic goals while immersing themselves into the beauty of the nature that surrounds them like the vastness of the moon and stars. Our children are encouraged to explore within their classroom and within nature to incorporate a broader understanding of colors, shapes, letters and numbers. They are also taught during their creative circle to participate with open-ended questions that spark their cognitive, language and social skills. The children analyze information they know and continue to build their skills through experimenting, comparing and contrasting knowledge. Just like explorers, everything our children discover on their journey in the Moon and Stars Room allows them to sparkle and glow like the moon and stars, with confidence, further inspiring their dreams of learning more about the world.


4-5 year olds

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”

-Vincent Van Gogh

There are no two flowers or ferns that are the same existing in nature. The same is true for our children. The Flowers and Ferns Room celebrates the uniqueness of each individual. This pre-k classroom provides an enriched and challenging hands-on curriculum that continues to ignite children’s inner curiosity enabling realistic learning opportunities through a solid routine that brings out their creativity. Exploring world geography, reading multicultural literature, researching world cultures and playing traditional games are some of the ways we are building a community of global learners. Throughout the learning process, our children are able to watch their teacher model or demonstrate each step in the task or strategy multiple  times. Such modeling and repetition allows students to understand both how to perform each step and why each step is important. In this phase our children are practicing by applying their knowledge and developing it further by learning about the world and it’s food, music and clothing. Children will explore and experience various cultures. In nature, flowers and ferns learn to grow and adapt to their environment despite the challenges around them. When children leave the Flowers and Ferns room they have  great into more confident and resilient beings, with a broadened perspective of the world.


4-5 year olds

“From tiny seeds grow mighty trees.”


Much like mighty trees in the forest grow from tiny seeds, our pre-k learners are now getting ready for the next phase in their preschool endeavors as future Kindergarteners. They have developed their Confidence, Commitment and Character. These children will continue to be life-long learners and will foster the love for exploration by further building on their existing knowledge base from getting additional exposure to science, math and technology. We implement many opportunities for growth and will continue to build on their emotional, social, cognitive, physical, communication and academic skills. When the children leave our school, they are ready to embark on their next journey. Like tree branches continue to grow and make a bigger and positive impact in the forest, our children will do the same, becoming greater contributors to our world.