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Sylvia Xuereb

Sylvia Xuereb


My name is Sylvia Xuereb and I am the Owner of Building Kidz of 20th Ave.

I have been with Building Kidz since 2014 and have enjoyed every minute of it! I have worked with children from 2-12 years of age as a Teacher, Head Teacher, Assistant Director and Site Director.

I have worked with children since 2001 and can’t imagine doing anything else. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development with an emphasis in Psychology, an AA Degree in Business Administration, and an AS Degree in Early Childhood Education. I learn something new from children every day.

My “Golden Rule” philosophy with children is that I treat and care for all children as if they were my own.

I know that children are going to shape and lead our future and recognize the responsibility that teachers have in creating a positive environment so that they can have a bright future when they graduate from Building Kidz!