Meet Our Team




Early Childhood Education is the emerging, growing and developing nature of children’s physical, intellectual, emotional, social and creative capacities which occur during the first five years of life. When young children begin their lifelong learning adventure, it is not uncommon for both children and parents to feel nervous and anxious. Finding a facility that parents can trust and rely on to provide a quality, loving, nurturing, and learning environment for their children, is a major task and crucial decision. My greatest passion is bringing comfort, knowledge, dedication, love, and an educational environment in which children can thrive while building strong relationships with their parents who have entrusted me and my team with their children’s development.

I know children develop at different paces; therefore, it is my goal to continue to provide a supportive climate and culture that is conducive to teaching and learning. It is also my goal to help train staff and provide support for children so they reach their milestones, overcome challenges, learn to manage emotions and social challenges or difficulties, support their growth and learning experiences, prepare them for the future academic years and learn life-long skills that will enable them to make strong connections and interactions with peers. By doing so, each student and staff member can experience growth to their highest potential.

My experience and educational background includes:

  • B.A. in Business Management from California Coast University.
  • Director since 2011.
  • Over 40 ECE college credits from San Mateo and Skyline college.
  • Working with Building Kidz Schools since 2003.

I am blessed to be a mother of a wonderful boy! As an Executive Director, not only do I bring my knowledge and experience as a professional educator, but also my loving, fun, playful demeanor and educational techniques as a mom. I have the same expectations of my child as I do for the children attending our center, whom I love and care for as if they are my own. I want to see them excel and have ample opportunities to become whatever they want to be when they grow up. It is my privilege to lead Building Kidz of SSF on El Camino Real and the many talented staff and students here.

I look forward to interacting and building relationships with all the families in our school community!