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The Early Childhood Education Franchise

Literacy and Early Childhood Education

Why You Should Own a Franchise

Many of us dream of owning our own business. Being our own boss. Using your business to benefit your community. Let’s be honest, though-starting and running your own business can be extremely stressful and difficult. How do we properly hire and train employees? What laws are going to impact my business? How do I get new clients through the door? There are countless questions and problems that seem daunting, and that is where going with a franchise can be beneficial.

The Early Childhood Education Franchise

A quality franchisor will provide everything new franchisees need when opening their business. They provide all types of training: hiring, marketing, accounting, and everything in between. Rick Grossman says, “These efficiencies are designed to enable franchise owners to earn more and spend less time and effort than otherwise would be required to open and operate a similar business on their own” ( When starting your own business from scratch, it is difficult to anticipate the problems that arise. It can be even more difficult to know how best to handle those problems. A quality franchise has the experience to handle such problems, and will be there every step of the way as you grow your business.

Why Franchise with Building Kidz

The demand for quality early childhood education is growing. The number of households with both parents working is increasing. As are the number of single parent households. And these committed parents are realizing that the better education their young ones receive, the better future they will have. Opening your own early childhood location will not only meet a great demand, it will benefit the community. Especially if it is a Building Kidz School.

I have personally been working with Building Kidz on their blogs and social media account for a few months now. Just three weeks ago, my wife and I opened our own location. Her and I are both trained teachers and taught in public schools. We understand the importance and difficulty of providing quality early childhood education. And in all honesty, we have not found a better early childhood program than the one Building Kidz provides.

As new franchisees, Building Kidz provided us with everything we needed. They helped us scout out multiple locations. They helped us figure out licensing procedures, financial projections, and marketing strategies. On top of that, they provide a one-of-a-kind proprietary curriculum. This curriculum seamlessly integrates academics with the performing arts. Children at each Building Kidz franchise location gain an academic foundation through dance, music, and theater. It is a proven curriculum that has had great success at every location. After being open just three weeks, we already have a waiting list due to the excitement about the new program.

Now, my favorite part about the Building Kidz franchise: The franchisor donates 25% of their profits to under-privileged children across the world. In fact, they just opened up a non-profit school in India that gives children two meals a day, a roof over their heads, and quality learning experiences.

If you decide to open your early childhood education franchise with Building Kidz, you will not be disappointed. And you can be confident that you will help benefit children in your community and in communities throughout the world. Start the process of becoming a franchisee be clicking here.