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The Importance of Quality Preschool

The Importance of Quality Preschool

Why Preschool is Crucial

The benefits of preschool have been discussed intensely over the years. From better preparing kids for kindergarten to improving the success rate all the way through college, many studies have shown that a quality preschool education can be invaluable. Emily Hayden noted in a recent article that, “Kindergarten is seen as the new first grade and academic rigor is increasing. This means it’s even more important for parents to make sure their kids are on a good developmental footing. One of the best ways to do this is through a quality preschool education program” ( The world is moving at a quicker and quicker pace, and a quality preschool will only help our children be more successful in the fast-moving world.

The Importance of Quality Preschool

The reason gaining a preschool education is beneficial is because, “The time kids spend in pre-K programs is used to develop a foundation for a lifetime of learning” ( The younger children learn how to learn, to interact with peers, and to solve problems the better off they will be. And this effects more than their academics. According to Psychology Today, “At age 28, the adults who received preschool educations years before had significantly higher job prestige, earnings and socioeconomic status” ( As children learn such crucial skills at an early age, their entire lives will be greatly improved. Although, as these article note, it is quality preschool programs that will provide such significant, long-lasting results. Building Kidz has such a program.

Building Kidz Preschool

Our preschool program was painstakingly created through research, study, and analysis in order to provide the best possible outcomes for our children. New studies have shown how significant a role the performing arts can play in enhancing a child’s academic achievement. At Building Kidz, math, science, and language are all taught with performing arts integration. This allows children to learn through play, music, dance, and action. They even show off their talent twice a year in a recital and a Broadway-style production.

By teaching with these methods, children learn through multiple ways why the world works the way it does. More importantly, they learn to love learning. They build that crucial foundation discussed by Emily Hayden. The early years are a critical time for children. Children between the ages of 2 and 6 develop physical coordination, formulate and combine ideas, are able to learn more complex games, and begin the journey of learning about themselves and each other. The top-notch preschool program at Building Kidz will help your children develop and enhance these skills to best of their abilities, all while providing a caring and engaging learning environment.