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The Value of Kindergarten

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Kindergarten is Valuable

Many studies have shown the importance of kindergarten; however, as of 2014, only 15 states have made kindergarten mandatory ( When we see that so few states require students to attend kindergarten, it can be easy to dismiss the importance of it. Or, to some, it may seem insane that it is not required nationwide. Either way, though, the studies agree: Kindergarten is an invaluable experience for children.

The Value of Kindergarten

Kindergarten has many benefits. Some are readily apparent and others can be hard to see. A strong social and academic experience in kindergarten prepares children for a future of success. Yet the benefits stretch beyond that, as discussed in Psychology Today: “children who learned more in kindergarten, compared to similar students, were less likely to be single parents, went to college in higher numbers, had higher incomes, and had retirement plans” ( These are surprising findings, given that children are only 5 to 6 years old in kindergarten, but it also makes sense. If, while in kindergarten, a child learns how to solve problems, make friends, work hard, and think creatively, then they have a strong foundation for their future. It only makes sense, then, that those learned traits would stick with them throughout their lives.

Kindergarten at Building Kidz

What is most interesting about these studies is that they don’t say ALL children who attend Kindergarten receive these benefits. The article above says “children who learned more in kindergarten,” not children who attended kindergarten. It goes on to state a surprising finding: “the data demonstrated unequivocally that better teachers had the most significant influence on their students in adulthood. The researchers estimated that…exceptional teachers are worth $320,000 a year” ( The quality of a child’s kindergarten teacher has a correlation to how successful the child will be in the future.

At Building Kidz, our teachers and our curriculum are, indeed, exceptional. While enrolled in our kindergarten program, children learn foundational skills in math, reading, writing, science, and a foreign language. Each of these subjects is taught by caring, qualified teachers whose heart is focused on the children’s best interest. Our children learn in multiple ways, including dance, song, and acting. By incorporating such performing arts methods with traditional teaching strategies, we help your child be exceptional today, tomorrow, and for their entire lives.