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Thoughts From an ECE Franchise

Thoughts From an ECE Franchisee

Owning an Early Childhood Education Franchise

Last week we talked about why owning a franchise is beneficial, and how it can be easier than starting your own business from scratch. We then talked about owning an Early Childhood Education franchise. Owning an ECE franchise is great, and the market is booming. From a personal standpoint, though, what is it actually like to own a franchise in the ECE industry?

Thoughts From an ECE Franchisee

My wife and I officially opened up our first Building Kidz location about six weeks ago. We purchased a struggling preschool, converted it to a Building Kidz School, and are in the process of bringing it back to life.  While that in no way qualifies us as experts, we have learned a lot and faced more challenges than we could have expected. But we have also seen the excitement of learning brighten the faces of the children in our school. We have seen employees latch on to the new curriculum and program we have brought in. They have found a new vigor for their jobs and the kids they teach as they see the commitment Building Kidz has to the children.

Owning a Building Kidz Franchise

We decided to go with Building Kidz instead of a different Early Childhood Education franchise for more multiple reasons, but one of them stood out above the rest: They are truly about the kids. This is crucial. Existing and potential parents need to know that our main concern is not in collection tuition, or in cutting a budget to meet a bottom line. They want and need to know that, no matter what, we will do all that we can to provide each and every child with the best experience possible.

The second reason we went with Building Kidz is their unique, proprietary curriculum. The founders of Building Kidz poured countless hours into research and curriculum development. The result? A focused curriculum that integrates performing arts and academics. Each child learns academic subjects through the mediums of dance, music, and theater.

You see, it is an amazing feeling to own your own business. But it is even more satisfying to own a business that benefits children’s lives and the entire community.