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Toddlers in Preschool

Choose the Right Preschool

Is Preschool Good for Toddlers?

For decades, the benefits of preschool for little ones has been discussed, studied, and analyzed. After all of these studies, “Childhood experts agree: Attending a high-quality program prepares kids for kindergarten and beyond” ( For some, this may not come as a surprise. Giving children the opportunity to learn in a group setting with peers and adults has been shown to benefit academic success. Others, though, may be like I once was and are concerned about sending one so little to a daycare or preschool.

Toddlers in Preschool

According to the studies and the experts, though, “The optimal age to begin day care is just after the child’s first birthday” ( This article, title Get Ready for Preschool, goes on to discuss Karen Miller’s book, Simple Steps: Developmental Activities for Infants, Toddlers, and Two-Year-Olds. In the book the author says that “A child at this age [(one)] is making leaps in her language, social, and motor skills. The constant flow of new people and stimulating activities in day care can fulfill a toddler’s need to learn and explore.” The idea here being that, as a child is making these large leaps, they are guided and strengthened by their peers and teachers.

It is helpful that children are making these leaps with their peers because it helps them to build a community of understanding. It helps them to gain socialization skills and “gain a sense of self, explore, play with her peers, and build confidence” ( They will also learn to identify shapes and sing the ABC’s, but it is these aspects of respect, self-awareness, and self-confidence that will set a foundation for their future academic and social lives. 

Are All Preschools the Same?

The short answer to the question is no. Parents put in effort when searching out the right preschool. Children need to be in a place that they feel safe and loved. Parents need to know that their children feel that way, and that their children are learning.

For those who have read these blogs before, you’ll know that my wife and I recently adopted four brothers. For a time, we needed them to be in a daycare/preschool due to our work schedule. It was extremely difficult to find one that we felt would meet each of their unique needs. At one point we even pulled them out of a preschool that we felt were making things worse for our children. It got to a point in which we had them in a preschool and daycare center that we felt we had simply settled for because it was the best we could find. Not because we felt it was the best place out kids could be. About a year later, though, we found Building Kidz. We fell in love with their schools and programs so much that we not only trust them with our kids, but we will be opening our own Building Kidz location soon.

What first drew us to Building Kidz is their obvious love for children. Preschools are not their business: children are. The second is their curriculum. Building Kidz has a proprietary curriculum unlike one we’ve seen before. It seamlessly integrates academics with dance, music, and dramatic play for all ages. Even for toddlers. It is amazing to walk into a toddler room and see children that young dancing and singing about the letter “e” or how many sides a square has. It is truly a powerful program that teaches children to develop their creativity and to love learning.