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True Demand, Parents Consider Preschool Before Birth

Preschool Before Birth

As a parent of a newborn, thinking about childcare can feel overwhelming. Deciding how, when, and where your child will enter early childhood education isn’t something parents should delay, however.

How early do parents of young children start looking for their childcare services?

“Many of our preschools have waiting lists that are months, some years.” Says Sanjay Gehani, Chief Marketing Officer of Building Kidz Preschools. “I would recommend you begin to scan the environment as soon as you know that you are going to be welcoming a new child into the world. Find out what the landscape is in your area, and how much advance time you need to find a quality early childhood education program.”

Parents should consider a formal setting like Building Kidz Infant and Toddler centers before the preschool age.

Sanjay Gehani

This is the industry that our franchisees are in. They work with parents every day that are planning months or years in advance for their young child’s pre-primary education.

Of course, one of the key factors that will influence when parents start looking is what age you want to enroll your child.

“Many parents think about preschool for education but look to staying at home or relying on friends and family for younger years,” Mr. Gehani explained. “Parents should consider a formal setting like Building Kidz Infant and Toddler centers before the preschool age. We help develop life skills like literacy, language, and even gratitude early on. This, in turn, leads to a happier, healthier child and a more well-rounded adult”.

Our franchisees offer services outside of just standard preschool. We have a fully developed curriculum for infant care, toddler care, and after school care as well.

As a business owner with a Building Kidz franchise, you are able to help parents teach their children important life lessons almost from birth.

“The important thing to realize is its just never too early”, Mr. Gehani insisted. “Knowing your options well in advance will help you feel relaxed and allow you to proactively make a decision instead of reactively selecting a school that has an opening”.

This is true demand in a business. Parents seek advice not on if they should be looking for our services, but how far in advance.

If you are looking for a business that makes a social impact, is both recession resistant and has proven to be pandemic resistant as well, that allows you to earn a fantastic living while helping the develop the lives of young children, reach out to Building Kidz today!