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What’s Going on at BK: Roswell SHOWS out

Here at Building Kidz, we wanted to highlight Building Kidz of Roswell and all of their amazing work in Performing Arts. Building Kidz of Roswell Franchisee Chris Rodgers and his wonderful Performing Arts team, run by Kate Walsh and Holly Simpson, just completed three excellent shows at their school.

This year they performed The Greatest ShowKidz, which featured numbers from the movie The Greatest Showman and an original script the students helped write themselves. They were able to hold these shows in their newly built gymnasium thanks to the dedication of the Franchisee Chris Rodgers and Community Director Kelly Henderson. This new gym will be the home to many different shows and events in the future for Building Kidz of Roswell.

“Great things are happening in Roswell, GA! I had the privilege of spending a few days out here and was able to see a successful, thriving school, not to mention a stellar PA program!” said Assistant Artistic Director Kenzie Hamel. They then talked about the show, “It was a fabulous production that showcased high-level dancing, singing, props, and costumes. Holly and Kate have worked diligently with their students to provide a well-rounded theatre education that involves not only stage presence, but the hard work that goes into producing musical theatre.”

Kenzie then spoke about the impact that Building Kidz of Roswell has, “It is clear that the Roswell, GA location is a fixture of their community and should pride themselves on their student and family engagement. We can’t wait to see what amazing things they do next!”

Thank you to Building Kidz of Roswell for developing and educating their students through Performing Arts!