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Stephanie Harrington

Stephanie Harrington

My name is Stephanie Harrington and I am the Director at Building Kidz of Redwood City!

I found my passion for dance and teaching children while growing up in Santa Cruz County. In 2014, I started my career in Early Childhood Education working as a dance teacher for Building Kidz of Scotts Valley.  Soon, I realized working with young children gave me a sense of fulfillment so I decided to pursue my ECE degree while continuing my work with young children at the Building Kidz locations and growing my career.

Our School Programs

The infant program at Building Kidz School

Infant Program

A nurturing, safe, secure "home away from home" where your child can learn, play and grow. We have a hygienic, creative world for infants and toddlers to help develop their minds and bodies.

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The toddler program at Building Kidz School

Toddler Program

We show our toddlers how to explore safely and get them excited to learn. Our toddler curriculum is designed to facilitate the need to explore while introducing our children to Building Kidz in a developmentally appropriate manner.

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The preschool program at Building Kidz School

Preschool Program

Our preschool curriculum introduces language, math, science and social skills in a way to encourage learning at the child's own pace.

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The kindergarten program at Building Kidz School

Kindergarten Program

Our kindergarten curriculum focuses on developing foundational skills that prepare students for later learning in the areas of math, science, social studies and language arts.

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Parent Testimonials

We were looking for a new daycare after a horrible small in home daycare experience. Our child would scream without stopping at the home daycare. after putting our kid in this daycare for three days. It was the most stressful situation I have ever dealt with. Needless to say I will never do another home daycare again.

I found Building Kidz and took a tour. I was a little hesitant due to covid but after hearing about their protocols I honestly feel it's safer than a home daycare. The facility is new and they do deep cleanings every night as well as regular testing of teachers for covid. This is much more stringent than a lot of daycare protocols I've seen.

I was also afraid because my son was 11 months he might have issues adjusting especially because of what happened at the home daycare.

Both stefanie and elissa were AMAZING in helping my kid adjust. It took my son Ten minutes the first day and after a week he doesn't even cry at drop off! Which is saying a lot considering he wouldn't stop crying with his previous daycare. They take tons of pictures and videos of my kid so I don't feel like I'm missing out and he ALWAYS looks super happy. They'll notice small things like a small rash or if his temperament has changed due or getting shots and keep me informed.

If anyone is looking for a good daycare I highly recommend this one.

While seeking a new preschool for two of my three children (4 months and 4 years), I stumbled upon the Building Kidz Schools and their newest location, Redwood City. My family is in process of relocating to the Bay Area and Stephanie has been so accommodating! We were able to schedule a virtual tour of the school and met last week while we were in town for an in person tour.
The facility is clean, secure, and the staff is so friendly! Stephanie was extremely knowledgeable, welcoming, and you can tell that she truly cares about the school and the children.
Each classroom was beautifully designed, themed, and clean. We love the creative aspect our children will have here with career exploration, music, caring teachers and attentive staff.
We cannot wait for our relocation now that we have secured such a wonderful school. Our four year old asks daily when she gets to go back!

A background pattern for Building Kidz
A background pattern for Building Kidz

Meet Our Team

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Stephanie Harrington

Stephanie Harrington

School Director

My name is Stephanie Harrington and I am the Director at Building Kidz of Redwood City!

I found my passion for dance and teaching children while growing up in Santa Cruz County.

Elissa Calvin

Elissa Calvin

Academic Director

My name is Elissa Calvin and I am thrilled to be a part of the Building Kidz team! Before working for Building Kidz, I worked for 18 years as an early childhood educator at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco.


We Are Always Looking for Great Team Members!

Are you interested in working at a dynamic preschool that integrates the Performing Arts (dance, music, and theater) into age appropriate developmental guidelines to enhance whole child development and academic excellence within a world class environment? If so, then we want to hear from you — just click the button and email us your contact information.

Current Openings
Preschool Teacher

We are looking for full-time Preschool Educator to join our team at Building Kidz of Redwood City!

Since 2003, Building Kidz has been able to provide children with a unique and rich early childhood education because we hire the highest quality teachers.

At Building Kidz School we are committed to providing a positive, productive, and rewarding environment for our staff. We offer competitive compensation packages with benefits and salaries based on education and experience. We encourage continual learning through regular professional development opportunities.

Building Kidz School is a developmentally appropriate infant, preschool, kindergarten, and afterschool program, designed to focus on children’s interests through academics and performing arts.


  • 1-2 year experience preferred
  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • CPR and First Aid Certification or willingness to obtain
  • Meets education and experience criteria required by the state
  • Teacher 12 – 24 units of child development including core ECE classes

Additional requirements for all positions:

  • ·Able to lift and carry a 40-pound object.


  • Paid sick, national holidays and PTO
  • Health benefits
  • Childcare discounts
Building Kidz

Take the Next Step

Ready to get started? Schedule a one-on-one meeting with Building Kidz of Redwood City to get a personalized tour. See our classrooms and ask any questions you need. We can help your family thrive!

About Building Kidz of Redwood City

The City of Redwood City recognizes the importance of high-quality child care, and we know its residents do too. If you are one of the many parents still looking for the preeminent preschool or childcare on the Peninsula, Building Kidz has great news for you. We have been serving children and families in the Bay Area since 2003, and we are excited to introduce our 18th Bay Area campus, and our first in Redwood City. Our new campus is located at 909 Roosevelt Ave at the former location for Hawes Elementary School. What makes Building Kidz the leader in Bay Area early childhood education?

Parents of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners love our enhanced security measures, including video cameras throughout our classrooms and playgrounds, touch pad entry, and advanced parent communication provided by Brightwheel. If you are looking for a locally owned, community child care center that takes safety, security, and cleanliness seriously, look no further.

Safety is always our first priority, but it is most certainly not our last. Our curriculum is a comprehensive, interactive, and arts-integrated academic learning program. Your child will be coached as they develop skills in:

  • Math
  • Literacy
  • Self-regulation and control
  • Morality
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Emotional expression
  • Socialization

All while being surrounded by music and the arts and having fun!

Our curriculum is delivered by top-rate preschool teachers and committed support staff that has been dedicated to the Building Kidz mission for many years. They and we strive to deliver unparalleled care and education to local families and children.

Performing Arts is in Our DNA

Our specialization in performing arts goes beyond daily music, dance, and theater lessons and integration of the performing arts within our academic lessons. It includes two shows annually; Building Kidz of Redwood City children participate in a Broadway-style production in June and a winter recital in December.

Your Child will Learn to Love Learning

Our mission is to deliver a world-class infant care, childcare, preschool, and private kindergarten experience which results in children developing a deep passion for learning and connecting with the performing arts, while also demonstrating accelerated development of their confidence, commitment, and character.

Our philosophy is to develop the “whole child”. We focus on 6 key areas of development: emotional, social, cognitive, physical, communication, and academic. We create an environment where children are challenged intellectually and are engaged in an interest of lifelong learning through an intelligent integration of academics and performing arts.

Our philosophy, curriculum, integration of performing arts, professional staff, and our commitment to our community and its families is what makes us the preschool of choice for families in Redwood City.

If you are looking for a place where your child can grow to love learning, please visit us and see how our infant, toddler, and preschool program can give your child the best start possible.