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Cynthia Alvarez

Cynthia Alvarez

Hello Everyone!

My name is Cynthia Alvarez and I am the Director at local Palo Alto Building Kidz Preschool. I started working in Early Childhood Education (ECE) in 1995 after earning an AA Degree in ECE. Prior to joining Building Kidz, I held positions of Preschool Director or similar at several other Bay Area child learning facilities.

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The toddler program at Building Kidz School

Toddler Program

Our classroom provides an ideal environment to foster individual development and self-help skills. We use a scaffolded approach to learning through systematically building on students’ experiences and knowledge as they are acquiring new skills in order to enhance learning and aid in the mastery of tasks. Their curious minds are exposed to an enriched curriculum focusing on language development by using pictures, books and basic academics in their environment. Following simple instructions is implemented through circle time, story time, art, and curriculum projects. Besides the social, emotional development, we also focus on developing fine motor skills through fun and sensory activities. Our Little Explorers are ready to put to practice their newfound independence by exploring their surroundings as they come with a Brighter understanding of their world around them.

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The preschool program at Building Kidz School

Preschool Program

Our preschool curriculum introduces language, math, science and social skills in a way to encourage learning at the child's own pace.

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The kindergarten program at Building Kidz School

Kindergarten Program

Our kindergarten curriculum focuses on developing foundational skills that prepare students for later learning in the areas of math, science, social studies and language arts.

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The school-age program at Building Kidz School

School Age Program

Our school age program allows children to work on homework, socialize with peers, and participate in group projects, robotics, sculpting and performing arts.

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Parent Testimonials

Hi just started my son here last week. This was my son's first day care at 20 months old and he was very anxious when we left him the first day. Buidling Kids has shown nothing but patience and understanding with him. Every time I go to pick him up I notice the teachers cuddling with him,holding him so he can feel comforted. My son is super stubborn so I am sure it will take him time to get acclimated but I am glad that he has familiarized himself with the staff and surrounding already. I also love that their pricing has different options on different hour intervals. It totally worked out for me. Would totally recommend this place :)

Our twin daughter started their new venture in May when they were 22 months old. We soon found our previous worries were artificial - The twin started to enjoy the new world right away. The staffs are genuinely kind and caring. They never missed labeling or maintaining together my kids' items. The classroom and playground are far more spacious and beautiful than several other daycares we checked. The owner genuinely loves kids and treats them like her own.

Our 4-year old is attending this Building Kidz Palo Alto South right now and we love it! It's a truly gem in this area with 3 spacious playgrounds, a giant sand pit and plenty of activities. They have vivid yellow bench outside which is perfect for lunch time, especially during pandemic.

They also have clean and well-decorated indoor classrooms with a theater and a playroom, I saw they use roomba frequently so it's always tidy and clean.

More importantly, the teachers there are all very caring and friendly. Ms Cindy and Ms Yvett are beloved by the kids. Every morning our LO is very excited to enter the school.

I also like their COVID protocol. With a small group of kids, taking temperature everyday and washing hands constantly, I feel a little bit more relieved when sending my LO there. We feel super lucky to find this place and highly recommend!

A background pattern for Building Kidz
A background pattern for Building Kidz

Meet Our Team

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Cynthia Alvarez

Cynthia Alvarez


Hello Everyone!

My name is Cynthia Alvarez and I am the Director at local Palo Alto Building Kidz Preschool. I started working in Early Childhood Education (ECE) in 1995 after earning an AA Degree in ECE.

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Building Kidz Highlighted in Business View Magazine

Building Kidz Highlighted in Business View Magazine

Step into the world of top-tier early childhood education at Building Kidz, spotlighted in Business View Magazine. Delve into what sets us apart in nurturing young minds and fostering creativity.

Highlighted in the article is our holistic approach to child development, blending structured learning with unstructured play to support social-emotional growth.

Building Kidz

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About Building Kidz of Palo Alto South

We are thrilled to be part of the Building Kidz Worldwide family of campuses, providing local Palo Alto families a plethora of services including toddler care, preschool, after-school for children up to 5th grade, and day and summer camp services.

If you are looking for local childcare with easy access and a phenomenal program, you found it! Our beautiful schoolhouse includes indoor and outdoor classrooms and is situated on a tranquil 0.7 acre campus. With easy access from both the 101 and the Central Expressway, we are a convenient option for any parent in the Palo Alto area.

We pride ourselves in delivering an exceptional preschool and childcare experience for children, leading to a love of learning, connection with the performing arts, and accelerated development of confidence, commitment, and character.

Our philosophy is to develop the “whole child”. We focus on 6 key areas of development: emotional, social, cognitive, physical, communication, and academic. Our program integrates the performing arts with an age-appropriate curriculum to accelerate whole child development. Our preschool children receive weekly lessons in dance, music, theater, and Spanish.

The curriculum at Building Kidz of Palo Alto South is a comprehensive arts-integrated learning program in which children develop skills and knowledge of math, reading, music, arts, social skills, self-control and self-sufficiency, morality, fine and gross motor skills, and emotional expression.

Our learning modules also include engaging lessons for primary-school aged children up to fifth grade during after-school hours.

This unwavering commitment to excellent instruction for families is what makes Building Kidz schools a leader in education and childcare within their respective communities, and we couldn’t be more pleased to bring that same commitment to our friends and neighbors here in Palo Alto.