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Our School Programs

The infant program at Building Kidz School

Infant Program

A nurturing, safe, secure "home away from home" where your child can learn, play and grow. We have a hygienic, creative world for infants and toddlers to help develop their minds and bodies.

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The toddler program at Building Kidz School

Toddler Program

We show our toddlers how to explore safely and get them excited to learn. Our toddler curriculum is designed to facilitate the need to explore while introducing our children to Building Kidz in a developmentally appropriate manner.

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The preschool program at Building Kidz School

Preschool Program

Our preschool curriculum introduces language, math, science and social skills in a way to encourage learning at the child's own pace.

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The kindergarten program at Building Kidz School

Kindergarten Program

Our kindergarten curriculum focuses on developing foundational skills that prepare students for later learning in the areas of math, science, social studies and language arts.

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The school-age program at Building Kidz School

School Age Program

Our school age program allows children to work on homework, socialize with peers, and participate in group projects, robotics, sculpting and performing arts.

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Parent Testimonials

I absolutely love this center! The staff is great. You are always greeted with a smile, its easy to communicate with the teachers and office staff and they always have fun, educational activities for the kids. During this crisis, they truly have gone above and beyond!! I have 2 kids at this center and they absolutely loves it. I am so grateful to be part of such a loving community.
Thank you so much for your hard work!

Building Kidz is the best of the best. I can say that my son has thrived in the environment. He enjoys doing his classwork, and he is very motivated to do so. Math, language and even science are thought and each are taken with great care. This school is simply perfect.

The curriculum is very age appropriate and it challenges my son. He looks forward to doing his homework and the work seems to provide just about the right amount of work and challenge. The teachers are extremely engaged and supportive in all regards. Ultimately, the school provides a very warm and supportive environment.

The teachers and administration at Building Kidz are very caring. Since day one of Building Kidz opening its doors, my son received individualized attention in his classwork and growth. The school focuses not only academic but also character development. Further, it has a wonderful and engaging support from its community and this is seen in fun events and celebrations. To also add, during the challenging times, the school went above and beyond to provide its students and community with its resources while never missing a beat on its warmth and welcome.

Overall, Building Kidz is fantastic - with its dedicated staff, it provides its students with a good foundation for in character building as well as educational fundamentals.

Thank you very much for all that you do, Building Kidz!

Our kid has been attending the infant program at Building Kidz for about 2 months now. As expected the first few days was a bit tough both for us as parents and our kid. But the teachers at Building Kidz were very accommodating and explained to us very patiently that it might take a few weeks for things to get to normal and what they would be doing to help. I like the Brightwheel app being used so that I can keep track of what my kid is doing w.r.t feeding and sleeping. It also makes it really easy for us to communicate with the teachers during the day. The wonderful pictures and videos posted sometimes on the app is a sweet bonus :)

Coming to the classroom, I am extremely satisfied with the care provided by the teachers. They are very easy to work with and our kid (and us) have formed a special bond and trust with a few teachers in the classroom. They take very good care and make every effort to feed and put our baby to sleep even during fussy days. Circle time, book reading sessions and outdoor times are somethings that we really like. The conversations at the end of the day with the teachers show the genuine care and warmth for the kids in the classroom.

Overall we are very satisfied with the daycare so far. We are confident that it will continue to stay the same and would highly recommend the daycare.

A background pattern for Building Kidz
A background pattern for Building Kidz

Meet Our Team

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Mrs. Manali Doshi

Owner / Operator

As the owner and school administrator, Ms. Manali brings 10+ years of customer service, operations, and management experience to the school. With her previous career in healthcare services, she brings the attention to detail required to maintain safety especially during challenging times like the pandemic.

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About Building Kidz of San Jose

We are early childhood educators in San Jose, California that specialize in delivering our progressive and holistic arts-integrated curriculum. Our focus is to create an environment where children develop a love of learning, connect with the performing arts, & demonstrate accelerated development of character, confidence, & commitment.

Our San Jose center was founded in 2014 and operated under a different brand and management until December 2019 when it became part of the Building Kidz Worldwide family of schools. Our 11,000+ square feet campus is spread over three buildings, has multiple play areas appropriate for our various age groups, and enjoys a convenient location attached to Houge Park which provides an extended activity area for us to take field trips just footsteps away!

We are looking forward to meeting your family and an opportunity to provide an exceptional level of service for your childcare needs